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One of the best ways you can participate is

testing with AncestryDNA!

If you were born in an African country, or your parents were born in an African country, we invite you to test with AncestryDNA. This enables AncestryDNA to provide a list of people who match your DNA from among other AncestryDNA testers. From there, you would send a message introducing yourself to your DNA relatives. Then, participate in TAKiR events and programs with your newly discovered kin!

Step 1: Send an email to TAKiR notifying us of your interest in participating. You must meet the following criteria: born in an African country or your parents were born in an African country; be 18 years of age or older; and reside in the U.S. (At this time, we are primarily focusing on West and Central Africa, though we also accept participants from East Africa. If you are of African descent (African American, Jamaican, African Brazilian, etc), but do not meet the criteria listed above, you can still participate in other ways. Consider sharing sharing your African reunions stories for the TAKiR blog, engaging in TAKiR programs and events, participating in research, volunteering, and/or making a donation.)

Step 2: Pledge a payment amount for your kit. There is a community of people of the African diaspora who are eagerly waiting to see if they are related to you. The regular price of the AncestryDNA kit through TAKiR is $112, including shipping and processing. We ask that you pay as much as you can and TAKiR donors will pay the rest. If you purchase your kit directly from AncestryDNA, you can still participate in TAKiR programs and events.

Step 3: See our email. You should receive a reply within two days from TAKiR notifying you that we have received your request to participate. If kits are available, we will send your kit to you as soon as we process your payment. If kits are not available, we will place your name on a waiting list and will notify you when your kit becomes available.

Step 4: Get your AncestryDNA results. Once your results are in, you can follow TAKiR online resources to understand your results and introduce yourself to your DNA relatives. You can always email us for help understanding your results.

Step 5: Participate in TAKiR programs and events. Throughout the year, TAKiR will host program and events online, by telephone, or in person. We encourage you to engage in programming to help foster a relationship with your newly discovered kin and to be a part of a growing community of others who are doing the same.

That’s it. We hope to hear from you soon about your interest in participating!


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