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A Conversation with Daudet

Daudet and I invite you to listen on parts of a conversation we had about ancestry DNA testing and finding distant African-African American relatives. This is about 14 minutes of a 45 minute conversation.


Daudet’s family is of the Luba ethnic group, a Bantu group in the the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Daudet and his parents tested with AncestryDNA to determine if they were related to anyone among the African diaspora who were separated from his family through the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The relatives they could find would include African Americans, African Caribbeans, African Brazilians, and anyone of African descent who may have also tested with AncestryDNA. Because Daudet’s parents also tested, they were able to identify several distant cousins as being related on either the mother’s side of their family or the father’s side of their family. This additional measure was necessary because of the distance by generations between Daudet, his African Diapora cousins, and their common Congolese Luba ancestor parents. Continue to follow Daudet’s journey as he meets his African Diaspora kin.

Daudet’s Genetic Genealogy Information

GEDmatch kit #
Daudet A641281
Daudet’s mother A637046
Daudet’s father A281139

AncestryDNA user name: Daudet Ilunga
Daudet’s mother: A. T. (administered by Daudet Ilunga)
Daudet’s father: S. I. (administered by Daudet Ilunga)