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Using SNPRelate to Construct Ghanaian Kassena Genetic Genealogy

Residents of Paga, Ghana using genetic genealogy to identify diaspora relatives

One of the goals of The African Kinship Reunion is to construct the genetic genealogy of our participants from Africa. In this post, I discuss the genetic genealogy dendrogram (tree diagram) results produced using SNPRelate. The purpose of using SNPRelate was to obtain genetic relatedness connections among participants in the form of a tree diagram. I welcome your feedback in

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Ghana, Kassena: Finding Safiah’s Diaspora Relatives

Kabagworiwe Safiah and her parents Kabagworiwe Adam and Kabagworiwe Saleimabu are members of the Kassena ethnic group who have tested with Ancestry and subsequently had their DNA profiles uploaded to GEDmatch. This is a narrative of the practice of finding their relatives in GEDmatch. I did a one-to-many comparison for Safiah to find all the matches in the GEDmatch database

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