Have a genetic match?

In TAKiR projects, the essential task is to identify persons
within the GEDmatch database
who are related to African participants in the project.

Search for contact@takir.org in GEDmatch to find our matches.

Due to the nature of these historic claims:

TAKiR abides by the following criteria before facilitating personal contact among members of any ancestral family group (based on GEDmatch):

  1. Thresholds for identifying a genetic match are 15 cMs or 3 cMs:
    • If using regular kits or superkits, genetic matches share at least 15 cMs. (It is a regular kit if the kit was simply uploaded to GEDmatch.)
    • If using phased kits or Lazarus kits, genetic matches share at least 3 cMs. Kits for two known relatives sharing at least 200 cMs total can be counted as a phased or Lazarus kit. (Add a M1 or P1 to the end of a TAKiR kit to see if the TAKiR phased kit exists and this criterion is met.)
  2. The genetic match meets criteria #1 in a one-to-one comparison.

Contacting TAKiR to learn about a match:

Please enter information about the set of matches you are investigating. Complete a new form for each set of matches.

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