How Does It Work?

African and African diaspora families that were torn apart through the Transatlantic Slave Trade are reuniting!!

When first generation Africans, such as Ghanaian immigrants or Nigerian nationals, engage in autosomal genetic genealogy testing with a company such as AncestryDNA or 23andMe, the vast majority of the genetic matches provided by the company are people of African descent, especially African Americans. Through genetic genealogy company features, genetically matched relatives are able to contact one another. So…when a person from the Congo identifies and contacts their extra-extended African American cousin, for instance, the African American cousin could learn of their specific ancestral Congolese family history and get to know their living Congolese relatives!!

Okay, so here is how reunions are possible!!
In TAKiR projects, the essential task is to identify persons within a genetic genealogy consumer database who are related to African participants in the project. We follow six steps to identify relatives.

Method 1 makes use of AncestryDNA DNA tests and a great suite of genetic genealogy tools available on GEDmatch.

We are transitioning over to Method 2 which uses the H3Africa array designed for African populations with 2.26 million markers. Why a different array? Genetically speaking, African populations are the most diverse set of populations in the world! DNA from these populations vary in more and different places along the genome compared to other world populations. To make use of this genetic information, we needed the H3Africa array!

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Emerging African transnational families consisting of ancestral family members are new contexts for human and community development.

Once testers identify genetically matched relatives, they are able to engage in on-going social interactions. Some connect through Facebook, WhatsApp, or email. Some have even met each other in person in their African ancestral homeland!

Happy Family Reunion!!