How Does It Work?

When first generation Africans, such as Ghanaian immigrants or Nigerian nationals, engage in autosomal genetic genealogy testing with a company such as AncestryDNA or 23andMe, the vast majority of the genetic matches provided by the company are people of African descent, such as African Americans or Jamaicans. Relatives tend to be 4th to 8th cousins genetically and are able to form familial relationships one another.

So…when a person from the Congo identifies and contacts their ancestral African American cousin, for instance, the African American cousin could get to know their living Congolese relatives!!

In TAKiR projects, the essential task is to identify persons
within the GEDmatch database
who are related to African participants in the project.

Search for in GEDmatch to find our matches.

Due to the nature of these historic claims:

TAKiR abides by the following criteria before facilitating personal contact among members of any ancestral family group (based on GEDmatch):

  1. Thresholds for identifying a genetic match are 15 cMs or 3 cMs:
    • If using regular kits or superkits, genetic matches share at least 15 cMs. (It is a regular kit if the kit was simply uploaded to GEDmatch.)
    • If using phased kits or Lazarus kits, genetic matches share at least 3 cMs. Kits for two known relatives sharing at least 200 cMs total can be counted as a phased or Lazarus kit. (Add a M1 or P1 to the end of a TAKiR kit to see if the TAKiR phased kit exists and this criterion is met.)
  2. The genetic match meets criteria #1 in a one-to-one comparison.

To see an example of using GEDmatch to find relatives for Safiah, a Kessena person from Ghana, please see the this post.

Contacting TAKiR to learn about a match:

Please enter information about the set of matches you are investigating. Complete a new form for each set of matches.

Happy Family Reunion!!