Shea Butter


Shea butter produced by women in northern Ghana.

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Our shea butter is produced in northern Ghana and shipped to us to offer to you. Shea butter is a seed fat that comes from the shea tree. The shea tree grows in northern Ghana and other places in tropical Africa.

In the picture below, see the shea fruit from a tree growing in Paga, Ghana.

The shea fruit drops to the drop to the ground and is gathered by the women in villages. You can eat the shea fruit! To my palate, the shea fruit comes in two flavors: sweet or mildly bitter. The fruit of either flavor looks the same so you don’t know which flavor you’re getting until you bite it!

In the picture below, my mom (Wylene Hameed, on the left) and I (LaKisha David, in the middle) are trying out some shea fruit with Regina (on the right) looking on.

From my shea fruit in the picture above, you can see the shea tree seed. Inside, there are two oily kernels. The kernels are removed from the seed and dried under the African sun. The dried kernels are then ground, boiled, and mixed until the butter rises to the top of the mixture.

In the picture below, see a shea butter workstation.

After the shea butter cools to a solid, the shea butter is packaged and prepared for shipment.

The woman in the picture below, Apibania Achuba, is preparing shea butter in Paga, Ghana.

When I receive the shea butter, it comes in little blue buckets like the in the picture below.

Then I portion the shea butter into an empty jar in 4 oz or 8 oz quantities (not counting the weight of the jar = 4 oz or 8 oz of shea butter).

Here’s a picture of the empty jar before the shea butter.

And then it goes to you!

Shea Butter! Order some today.


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