Ghanaians who tested with AncestryDNA through The African Kinship Reunion
Tested with Ancestry through TAKiR

When first-generation Africans, such as Ghanaian immigrants or Nigerian nationals, engage in autosomal genetic genealogy testing with a company such as AncestryDNA or 23andMe, the vast majority of the genetic matches provided by the company are people of African descent, such as African Americans or Jamaicans. Relatives tend to be 4th to 8th cousins genetically and are able to form familial relationships with one another.

So…when a person from the Congo identifies and contacts their ancestral African American cousin, for instance, the African American cousin could get to know their living Congolese relatives!!

Current projects include:

Reconstruction of the Kassena genetic genealogy

Methods for identifying relatives (under-review for publication: Genealogy Journal)

Family identity of Kassena members who found African American relatives (project writing underway)