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Seeking Relatives
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Welcome to TAKiR!!

People of African descent are using autosomal genetic genealogy testing services such as AncestryDNA and webtools such as GEDmatch to identify African relatives. In other words, families that were separated during the Transatlantic Slave Trade are reuniting!

We conduct scientific research examining the genetic and social aspects of genealogy among people of African descent. This includes persons born on the continent of Africa and persons of the centuries old African diaspora.

We also use the findings from this research, research from other sources, and personal stories to facilitate healthy reunification between genetic relatives among Africans and people of African descent.

Welcome to The African Kinship Reunion (TAKiR)!!

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Looking at 38 Kassena set of kits in Ancestry associated with The African Kinship Reunion (September 4, 2021):
Total number of unique genetic relatives in AncestryDNA matching the Kassena set: 5,550
Total number of genetic matches1: 8,287
On average, a Kassena person has 218 genetic matches6.
(range = 106 to 386).
Of the 8,287 genetic matches, their class of relatedness5 are:
Third cousin2: 2
Fourth cousin3: 193
Distant cousin4: 8,092
1A genetic match consists of one Kassena person in the project set and one person identified as a genetic match by AncestryDNA.
2share about 90–180 cM
3share about 20–85 cM
4share about 8-20 cM
5The class of relatedness is an estimate based on the amount of shared DNA and should be interpreted as a range of possibilities. Visit class of relatedness to learn more about AncestryDNA's estimations.
6The Kassena set includes some parent/offspring dyads.